How did TTS come about?

I’m Amy! l‘ve loved nails for as I can remember! I used to put paper clips on my finger tips and tap on the elementary school desks (iykyk) just to hear the clicks. At age 16 I went to cosmetology at the local college to be a nail tech. Now age 37, I’m more in love with acrylic nails than ever, but only do them on myself.

As a nail tech, I couldn’t find any specific custom shirts that pertained to nail techs, so I turned to God and he put a plan into place. I put a cricut machine in my Amazon wishlist and said to God that if I ever get something so glorious, I know he wants me to start my business. Christmas 2021 came around and BOOM, my mother-in-law bought it for me. I knew it was my sign to start! So January 13, 2021 I started Techteesstudio on Etsy! Now it’s time to move onto bigger & better things; my own website! 

 I’m also a wife & mother to 3 (12, 13 & 14) so that, mixed with a few businesses based on nails, I stay busy 24/7. I do it all for my nail lovers and hope one day my business flourishes into something much wider in magnitude!